Exploring Camden London like a local

Camden is known worldwide for its market, music and punk scene but many Londoners rarely visit as it’s fame draws huge crowds of visitors year round making it a little tricky to explore. Centred on Camden Lock market, this historical neighbourhood is brimming with clues to its industrial past. Regents canal is now just for[…]

Exploring Greenwich London like a local

There are many ways to arrive in Greenwich, nestled on the banks of the River Thames, East of London. It could be on foot through the Greenwich Foot tunnel, built in 1902 to provide workers at the London shipyards and docks on the north side of the Thames with reliable all-weather access. Perhaps by DLR[…]

Exploring Holland Park London like a local

Holland Park is just a few streets surrounding one of London’s loveliest green spaces – Holland Park itself. Bordered by busy Notting Hill, Kensington High Street and Shepherds Bush to the West, it’s an architecturally beautiful area. Streets of grand white town houses, several now home to the more unusual foreign embassies and High Commissions,[…]

Exploring Hampstead London like a local

Hampstead really feels like the village it used to be, nestled on the edge of parkland (Hampstead Heath), with winding back streets, country pubs and enough independent shops to almost feel like you’ve stepped out of London briefly. Undoubtedly one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in London, the area is buzzing throughout the day as[…]

Exploring St. John’s Wood, London like a local

St. John’s Wood borders the west side of Regent’s Park which is home to many embassy officials based in London, giving you a sense of the wealth that resides here. The houses are opulent and just wandering the streets is an experience. Many of the renowned businesses were opened here in the 1950’s so there’s[…]

Exploring Primrose Hill, London like a local

Primrose Hill sits just above Regent’s Park, and feels like a truly residential neighbourhood with its High Street being Regent’s Park Road and back garden being the famous Primrose Hill. It’s an arty neighbourhood that many of London’s famous call home and bustles throughout the day as dog walkers, residents and shop owners keep each[…]

Picnic and a pint along the Southbank, London

What is your favourite bit of London right now and your top tip for experiencing it best? Go south of the river. Walk along the Southbank from Waterloo towards London Bridge; there’s entertainment aplenty in the form of buskers and if the tide is out you can even see the Thames beach. Nip into Gabriel’s Wharf[…]