Our Story

12th June 2016

Fiona in Istanbul

As an avid traveller, I used to tear through cities with my top 10 guide in hand and think once I’d been somewhere I’d done it. Racking up the number of countries I’d visited became a competition but it meant I never made time to really understand what it felt like to be somewhere different, I just had to tick off the main sights.

In recent years, with the advent of slow travel, really experiencing what different cities and cultures have to offer has become much more important to me but after a few too many disappointing trips spent scouring travel blogs, joining ‘local’ tours and downloading apps in the promise of getting local advice straight to my phone, I decided to set about meeting local people wherever I went and taking their recommendations on board.

This approach has completely changed the way I travel and what I hope to experience when I visit somewhere new has evolved into understanding how the locals themselves live.

London is definitely not a slow city, and with so much to see and do, experiencing it like a local can be a challenge. Knowing what to eat for an authentic breakfast, how to shop in the markets or which public bus to catch to see the city suburban parks can be elusive information but as a city of locals, we’re just bursting to share it with visitors.

Share My Local is a site for connecting visitors with local people who love to share their favourite parts of this great city. You won’t find travel experts or tour guides but you will get suggestions from London locals on how best to explore this amazing city!

Meet a London local and get travel recommendations in person.

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